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At Continental, we strive to provide you with excellent service and for the lowest prices. Our dedicated flight instructors are committed to prepare you for your checkride, and guide you to become a safe and responsible pilot, for all levels of experience.

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If you are an aspiring airline pilot, selecting the right and best flight school with the best flying lessons in Los Angeles is the first step toward achieving your dream. If you are definite to take that step to become a pilot, we acclaim you for your ambition.

Pilot Training is not Easy

Pilot training is not very easy, and those who pledge to fly must show the highest dedication and willpower. We always stand beside our students as the best flight schools in Los Angeles with every step of their way in navigating this journey to become a pilot. As one of the world’s leading viable pilot schools, we endeavour to provide our flight training students with good experience with an education that is comprehensive, and complemented by unwavering support. Our integrated flight lessons in Los Angeles give you all the flight training and a better experience you need to fly airlines, cargo, or corporate starting from no experience. Many flying schools specify mainly private pilots’ licenses which will certainly help you succeed to make leisure flights on your own, which surely has its benefits. We will give you all the flight training you need to make money with a career in flying while doing something which you love.

Flight Academy Van Nuys

Once you have received your certification from flight academy Van Nuys, you will be set to interview with the main commercial carriers to begin making money by flying the friendly skies. A rating is simply a certification of a familiar flying authority that you can fly a confident type of aircraft. For many, this is job training with a profitable airline company where one decides to fly depending on the craft, they want you to fly in their fleet.