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N6211K Cessna 150M (1975)

The Cessna 150 features a 2-seater airplane, that is perfect for time building, due to its lower hourly price and low fuel consumption (about 6 GPH). It has a smaller interior than the Cessna 172 and therefore is more comfortable to fly and spend time in for people shorter than 6 feet.


Hourly Rate: $115

Relevant documents: W&B, POH


N4937G Cessna 172N (1979)

The famous Cessna 172 is the most popular choice for training due to its reliability, comfort, visibility, simplicity, and cost. 4-seater airplane with high wings allows you to take your friends and family to see the hollywood sign, Santa Monica pier, or fly over LAX with great downward visibility.


Hourly Rate: $138/$128 (block)

Relevant documents: W&B, POH


N9450D Cessna 172RG (1984

The Cessna 172RG is the younger brother of the Cessna 172N. Similar sized interior (4-seater) and exterior looks! The 172RG has a retractable gear system and a constant speed propeller, which makes it a complex airplane and a perfect one to get your 10 hours of training towards the commercial certificate.


Hourly Rate: $170/$165 (block)

Relevant documents: W&B, POH

PA 28 161

N80908 Piper Warrior II (1979)

The Piper Warrior, also known as a Cherokee, is the only low wing airplane in our fleet (for the time being!). Larger fuel capacity than the Cessna 172, with 50 gallons (48 useable), and fast cruising speed of 105 knots, makes it a great airplane for cross-country flying.


Hourly Rate: $138/$128 (block)

Relevant documents: W&B, POH

If you are looking to take your piloting skills up a mark, our aircraft rental Los Angeles is an excellent choice. We offer the perfect combination of sizes that will have you rising through the sky in no time. With a very powerful engine, we are a classic but budget-friendly choice for many pilots, making it one of our most prevalent selections.

Requirements and training needed to fly an aircraft?

It is easy to rent Van Nuys aircraft if you meet the following requirements:

  • Good Ability to read, write and speak English well.
  • The candidate should have a medical certificate or higher depending on the pilot’s experience level.

Why you should pick a rental aircraft over other

If you are looking for an aircraft with a more powerful engine, our rentals are a perfect choice! We are also known for easy handling and great steadiness in air flights with a good rate. Renting an aircraft from us is the perfect way to experience all that general flying that has to offer. With our wide variety of aircraft available, we are sure you will find the perfect rental for your needs.

  • You can choose us because
  • We are a classic and reliable choice for new pilots and for renters.
  • Our Rental prices start at a very reasonable price and vary depending on the duration and destination of the trip.
  • Pilots with any level of experience are allowed to rent our aircraft.

Benefits of renting an aircraft

There are many benefits of renting our aircraft, including:

  • The skill to travel wherever you want, and whenever you want.
  • The great experience of flying in a variety of diverse aircraft.
  • A great opportunity to learn from a specialized flight instructor.
  • The affordable prices and it is a great value for your money.

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